Japanese MR2 turbo information: Repair Manuals

Version differences

As far as can be established, there are no Toyota repair manuals or supplements or wiring diagrams available for any Japanese MR2 turbo in the English language. Please read the section on differences and similarities between 3S-GTE engine versions and SW20 body versions to help you to judge the suitability of the manuals listed here for your car.

Engine Repair Manuals

As far as can be established, the USA never got the later 'revision 3' engine, but revision 1 and 2 owners have a choice between American Toyota repair manuals for the American MR2 turbo, and UK (AKA European) repair manuals for the 3S-GTE as fitted in the officially imported Celica GT4.

Toyota part numbers for the UK/European manuals are as follows:

So if its not obvious: I own all of the above manuals/supplements, so there is no doubt regarding part numbers or existance. The manuals are big thick books about an inch thick. The supplements are more like the thickness of a thick magazine.

If a UK toyota dealer can not be persuaded to order a repair manual even when you give them the part number, its perhaps best to take your business to a more helpful dealer.

Various versions of the american turbo engine and body repair manuals may be available on the Internet, try: http://mr2manual.teq.org/ (should that page not be working try the web archive of that page at http://web.archive.org/web/*/mr2manual.teq.org ).

Body Repair Manuals

You've a choice between manuals for the UK non-turbo MR2 or the U.S. MR2 turbo. The latter are available by mail order from companies in the U.S. Don't forget american cars are LHD, and motoring in the US is just a bit different to the UK and probably Japan - different practices and regulations and type of use.

The exception is the gearbox. As far as I can guess the only English language documentation for the MR2 turbo gearbox will be for the american turbo. The UK non turbo MR2 gearbox may be similar to some extent but they are not identical though.

Toyota part numbers for the manuals for the U.K. cars are as follows:

So if its not obvious: I don't think you need part numbers to order american repair manuals from american Toyota dealers, they don't seem to have an attitude problem about manuals over there.

Electrical Wiring Diagrams

The only accurate wiring diagram will be in Japanese. The american wiring diagram is good enough to be very helpful though in a lot of cases. For example in the past I've found the american engine ECU wiring diagram to be very useful even if its not 100% accurate for my Japanese rev 3 turbo.

You may be able to find some pin-out information of ECUs by taking the cover off and reading the screen print on the PCB. Follow this link for the pin-out information screen printed on the PCB of my engine ECU.

Scans of Japanese MR2 turbo wiring diagrams used to be found at: http://gtfour.orcon.net.nz/diagrams.htm Try searching on altavista or google perhaps.

For body electrics, diagrams for the UK cars are probably as good as anything else in English. The pull out diagrams in the back of the UK body repair manuals and supplements are good enough for most things. In addition Toyota have also created separate books covering the electrics in UK cars. Part numbers of the ones in my possession are as follows:

Electronic documentation

There is a certain amount of unlawfully copied information circulating including: