Engine ECU pin outs as marked on the PCB screen print on my 1994 Japanese MR2 turbo

e02 e01
#30 #10
#40 #20
visc rso
int rsc
mtt ht1
igt evp1
m+ egr
g1 g2
g- ne
m- igf
?? tpc
e1 evp2

fpr vf
te1 vta2
te2 ox1
knk ??
idl thw
vta tha
tham pim
e2 vc

winj sta
act ac1
abs spd
cf ats
abv rly
the eco
cco w
lev stp
fc egw
+b1 els
+b batt

Note these match very well with the pin-out of the UK ST205 Celica GT4's ECU (1994 onwards) but not the earlier ST185 Celica GT4.