Pictures of the car park at MR2000

These were taken at the much over-hyped annual meet of the MR2 driver's club Ltd on the 20th August 2000 at the Transport Research Laboratory near Crowthorne (by London). The event was over-optimistically named MR2000 because thats how many MR2s they wanted to get, they didn't do badly though, there were just very slightly over 1000 arrive in the end. Shame there wasn't enough for the 1000 odd people to do once they'd arrived their though.

I do not advocate joining the MR2 driver's club, but I guess I should at least commend them on the effort arranging the event took. The day was probably still worth the 300 mile drive there and back, even if didn't live up to the hype.

My car is the red one....

...registration number L469 RHE, if you really want me to make it easy for you.